Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Valentine's Day meal for my special Valentine

I LOVE mussels, but I was never sure how to make them.  Since I have taken on Jessica's challenge of cooking something outside my comfort zone each month (Read more about it HERE), I decided now was the perfect time to learn!  And what better day to serve it up then on Valentine's Day?  

I followed this recipe from Bobby Flay, but I added fresh chopped tomatoes instead of tarragon and served it with some crusty bread, cheese, salami and veggies.  It was so delicious!  Well, from what I tasted - by the time I ate my second one, my husband had finished the rest!


  1. Ive never had mussels..I dont think they are all that attractive, lol....good for you for trying a new recipe, thats always fun!

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  2. My bf loves mussels and while I can't stand them, I'm glad you guys can appreciate their value :) Big props for cooking them! The broth looks yummy :)

  3. I should try to make these too. I think I am getting stuck in a cooking rut where I make my same go-tos every month.

  4. Mussels are a favorite of mine! So good with white wine...

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  5. I have to admit, mussels scare me a little. But I hear they're fabulous, so I do need to try them. It sounds like they were a hit with your hubbie :)

  6. Oh, this just makes my mouth water. I LOVE mussels as well. Have never tried to make them myself but would always order it if on the menu. This looks great. Nice job.

  7. I LOVE them, and aren't they the easiest thing ever to make?! I do them in a white wine broth sometimes, and no lie - get them el cheapo at Wal Fart. I mean Mart. YUMMMMMMM.....