About me

In her past life, Kelly was a band director, makeup artist and avid shopper.  Now? Kelly is a mommy with a small obsession with all things leopard print.   After being told she would not be able to maintain her fashionable self after giving birth, Kelly decided to prove her doubters wrong and began the blog, Dressing Mommy.  Kelly resides in New Jersey with her husband and son and wants you to know it is nothing like the TV shows.  She doesn't throw tables, have big hair, know what "it's a Jersey thing" means or fake tan.  In fact, she is pretty darn pale.  She does, however, live by the bakery on Cake Boss, which was way better before it was on TV.  Waiting in line 2 hours for a cannoli is just redic.

She can be found walking around town, playing with her son, cooking, shopping and rambling on in the third person, as seen above. :)

Questions?  Comments?  Click on the "Ask Kelly" button or shoot me an email: dressingmommy@gmail.com.  I love hearing from you!!