Thursday, February 17, 2011

So the weather has started warming up (it was 55 degrees today!) but there is still so much snow on the ground!!  Check out the snow pile behind me - it's huge!!

Blazer - Modcloth, Shirt - GAP, 
Jeans - Express, Shoes - Converse

I wore this outfit over the weekend when I was out running errands with my family.  I bought this blazer back in September and just got around to wearing it!  It's a sweatshirt material so it's super comfortable but it has a pretty ruffle detail so it's still a bit fancy.  I also love the fact that it's asymmetrical!

This week has been another crazy week of party planning - everything seems to finally be coming together! I am so excited for the event.  So far there are 460 people coming!  It's going to be a PJ party theme so we are going to set up a tent for story time (reading Good Night Moon of course!), we have a pillow pit for the kids to jump in a la No more Monkeys jumping on the bed, a tunnel with shining stars to crawl through and even a face painter!  I cannot wait to share the pictures!!


  1. Your hair looks AWESOME in these pics and I so love that blazer too. Ruffles.. mmmmm. Sounds like it's going to be an amazing party.

  2. Super cute nice the warmer weather visted you:) We had 55 today in MI too:)

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  3. Such a great blazer!!
    That is crazy how many people are coming...that would be 1/10 of my whole town!!

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  4. Love that blazer. You should definitely wear it more often. Hey so what is this party? For a school? I feel like I must have missed a post where you explain. Sorry.

  5. Wish you all the luck with the event. I like the blazer but I think it's the shoes that make this outfit special!

  6. Yeah, unfortunately, those nasty snow piles will probably be with us till May! Love the blazer with the Chucks!

  7. You look GORGEOUS here - espesh in that first photo! That snow need ta GO!


  8. That's a whole lotta snow...but you look pretty and cozy!

  9. Whoa, that is huge snow pile!! I love this outfit Kelly! That jacket is adorable, and I love how you paired it with converse shoes!

  10. this is such a great errand-ing outfit!

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  12. That is a lot of snow - wow! Gosh, you look fabulous in these pictures, great blazer!!!

  13. You look soooo adorable in these photographs! Love the hair and shoes (I've always been partial to Chuck Taylors).

    Hope you were able to enjoy that sunshine; can you believe MORE SNOW?! Is it spring yet??

  14. you're looking very cute as usual! love your blazer.
    the snow pile is unbelievable!
    can't wait to see the pictures from your PJ party.

  15. i totally love this look with the converse. i always seem to forget about mine. but it's great how a blazer with a little ruffle can "prettify" our most casual outfits.
    this event is sounding like a lot of fun!!