Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rebel without a cause

Shirt - F21, Belt - Calvin Klein, Pants - Calvin Klein, Shoes - Guess, Earrings - Kenneth Jay Lane
Back on stable ground!
Rockin the prints!

Every Thursday night, Peanut and I meet my cousin Susan at the farmers market downtown to get our produce for the week and then we walk back to my apartment and have dinner together.  Well, we always walk past these really cool abandoned brick buildings and thought it would be fun to take some blog pics at one of them. I figured, I'm wearing a edgy outfit - let's go with an edgy background! :) Unfortunately, there were some things that we didn't count on.  Like the fact that it is getting dark much earlier now.  Or that it's hard to walk in heels when there are chunks of concrete lying around.
Or that that people look at you funny when you pose in front of an abandoned building.
Either way, we had a total blast giving it a try! :)


  1. Totally loving your shoot location!

  2. I love all the edginess--I think it turned out great! That top is adorable too, what an awesome print!