Sunday, September 12, 2010

A new type of discrimination(?)

Tunic - Marc Bouwer for QVC, Leggings - INC, Boots - Wanted,
Earrings that you cannot see but I promise you they are fabulous - RLM, Sunnies - Ray Ban

Sorry for the further away than normal pic, but I had Tia take my picture and I think she was going for more of a "me with the background" kinda pic. :) It's ok Tia - I still heart you totally!
So last night I was so psyched to go out to dinner with a friend of ours from college and his new finance. Hubby and I took them to one of my favorite local restaurant thinking we would have a great time. Well, we bundled Peanut up and all headed out. Now, keep in mind that Peanut loves going places with us and usually just sits in his car seat cooing at us or takes a well deserved nap. If he didn't behave well I wouldn't take him. When we got there we were told that it would be a 20 minute wait and could we wait at the bar? Absolutely! So we got our drinks and waited. 30 minutes later, we were still waiting. When we asked why the wait was so long they said they needed to wait for a specific table that was "stroller friendly". Uh - what is that exactly? There were at least 4 open tables. An hour and 20 minutes later we finally got seated. Needless to say, we were not only annoyed but starving! It was 9:45 when they sat us!

So I ask you - what would you have done? I was so taken aback by the fact that a restaurant that I frequent often was so unaccommodating! Has anyone else had this happen to them? As any mommy knows, sometimes you can't get a babysitter, but that shouldn't mean you have to sit home every night!

*for the record, I asked to speak with the manager, told him everything I said above and he was very apologetic, took full responsibility and is treating all of us to a full dinner on him any time we want to come back. I will be having the lobster.

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  1. That sucks! We never had something like that happen, but that was because my little one wasn't really (and still isn't) keen on being in a restaurant, so we just didn't go out - LOL!