Monday, September 13, 2010

Makeover Monday!

So before I was a music teacher, I worked as a makeup artist. It was so much fun and I absolutely loved it! Well, the other day, in the midst of my makeup free-ness, I got to thinking - what would the makeup artist me think if she could see me now? And so Makeover Monday has been born. Every Monday I will be posting some of my favorite products, as well as new items and techniques. Feel free to add your own - I'm always on the lookout for new tips and tricks :)

So today I would like to pay homage to one of the biggest workhorses in my beauty arsenal - Laura Geller's Real Deal Concealer
This product is beyond amazing. The tiniest dab covers everything on my face flawlessly and lasts all day without fading. You know a product is good if it makes me look like I actually got a good night's sleep! It is even opaque enough to cover my tattoo. If you've never heard of Laura Geller you should totally check out her site here. Not only are her products wonderful, but she's a fabulous person as well!

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