Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My heart is a flutter

Sweater - J Crew, Tank - Tucker for Target, Belt - LOFT, Pants - Calvin Klein, Earrings - Bought in Italy

For two reasons - the beautiful butterfly's on my camisole (FYI the Tucker for Target line - total home run!) and....tonight is the premiere of Glee!!!  
I am so psyched to watch!  Ever since Peanut was born, whenever I play music from the soundtrack or put the show on TV, Peanut stops crying.  He loves it!  So after listening to the same songs over and over all summer, I'm ready for some new material!
So my outfit today is stylishly comfortable.  It will look good when my guests arrive for my Glee premiere party but is still functional for all the things I need to get done beforehand - like shop for ingredients for our Gleetini's. :)

Will you be watching?


  1. Love your header btw. Also, Gleetini! How fun is that? And YES, watch we shall!

    Oh, and the outfit is smashing. The pattern on the top is just great!

    heart: miss furnellie

  2. Great outfit - that butterfly print is just beautiful. They really did do a great job with that line!

  3. Oh, I also love your header! Is it new or am I just really that unobservant? I absolutely love this look! I'm so jealous because my Target doesn't have Tucker!! I'm going to try to find another nearby though. Have a great night!