Monday, September 27, 2010

Makeover Monday!

The Perfect 5 minute face

Most days, I have little time to get ready for the day.  However, I refuse to leave the house without putting my best face forward.  Trust me - if you saw how dark my under eye circles are, you would agree!  So I have my routine down to five minutes:

1. Concealer - Placed under the eyes and anywhere else there is redness.  Pat (never rub!) with the ring finger until blended.

2. Powder foundation - I like Laura Geller's Balance and Brighten and Bare Essentials because they cover quickly without that look of makeup on your skin.  Just buff on with a fluffy brush and you're done!

3. Quick smoky eye - see last weeks post for instructions!

4. Blush - I always do this after my eyes because I feel like you get a better balance of how much color to apply

5. Lip gloss - Lipstick takes too much time to get right and you don't need a mirror with lip gloss to re -apply!


  1. I completely agree--I can't leave home without a little make up either. This sounds a bit like my routine, but I don't usually do the smoky eye. But maybe when I try your quick way, it will be part of my usual routine. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Fun. I'm actually really interested in other women's make up routines! So this was fun to read!

    I do about the same, minus the eye make up, but plus lipstick (I've always been a lipstick girl).

    heart: Kimberellie