Tuesday, March 22, 2011

There are no breaks in mommyhood

Hello everyone!  How I've missed you so!  It's been rough around here at my house.  Peanut went from having an ear infection to a really bad stomach virus.  He was then kind enough to pass it onto me, so we spent the last week and a half sick as can be!  To make matters worse, my husband also got sick, which meant no down time for mommy.:( 

But things are starting to get better and hey - I lost 4 pounds so at least there's a bright side!  lol

If you follow Casey's blog, you saw all the beautiful finished swing dresses.  Unfortunately, I'm a bit behind due to all the sickness, but I am almost there - just need to add sleeves and hem the skirt and I will be done!  

I cut my head off - I do not look good sick!

I will be out and about visiting your blogs today - sorry I haven't been around much!  Hope you all have  a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. So sorry to hear aboout that. We are in the same boat. Just as I finished my medicine from my ear infection the kids are both sick now with differetn infections. It is no fun so I feel your pain. Mine woke up feeling much better so we might be able to go for a walk or something. It is more tiring to stay at home than to go out I feel. I love that red dress you are making. It looks great on you too.

  2. The dress is coming along nicely.....you'll have it done in no time. I hope everyone is back to feeling well....being sick and it spreading through your whole house suxx:(

    Hang in there!

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  3. I'm sorry to hear you all were sick! Glad you are getting better.

    The dress is really coming along!

  4. Cute dress! Here's hoping you all get well soon (and to stay!)

  5. There are no breaks in mommyhood...I am now the Mother of The bride and the Mother of the High School Graduate at the same time and it is making for one busy spring! My friends are now the grandmommies...once you start this job it is never ending, but oh so rewarding!

  6. It's looking great!
    I just got over the flu as well...thank goodness Vyla never ended up getting it though!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  7. Wow, that is a BEUTIFUL Red dress.
    The V cut on the neck is sooo sexy.
    yup, viruses are running in the air.
    Get well.


  8. I'm so sorry to hear you are sick, I hope you feel better soon! This dress looks beautiful on you btw!


  9. You poor things, I hope you're feeling better!! And that dress looks beautiful already and you're not even done? That's going to be amazing!

  10. Sorry you guys were under the weather. The dress is beautiful love the color. Hope you guys are all back to 100% soon. Can't wait to see the finished dress.

  11. No breaks and no sick days, either.
    Glad to hear you're all feeling better; taking care of a sick kid while you're sick is tough.
    Your dress is looking great!

  12. Oh we missed you too! So glad you are back and yes i know- no breaks ever not ever! LOL!
    Love that dress and the bright red color. So pretty and feminine!

  13. The dress is looking great! Oh, I so feel you pain on the sick front. We've had one heck of a Winter and I'm so over all the sickies. I hope everyone is back to 100%! Missed you!

  14. hope you all get well soon! we have a similar situation going on here. the boy had some eye infection, now he's home with a cough and runny nose. this was his week for "student of the week" and he's missing it :( preschool germs, i tell ya! they are ALWAYS sick!


  15. So sorry to hear you have all been feeling under the weather :( Hope things have gotten better in the house.

    Beautiful! It's coming along so well--can't wait to see the finished project :)