Thursday, February 10, 2011

Time to share!

Thank you all for making me feel better about my muslin faux pas - I actually got 7 hours of sleep last night so I am feeling much more "with it" today!!  Good thing too, because I have two meetings scheduled - I have a training session for my new position this afternoon and tonight I am hosting the party planning committee at my house which of course means making a batch of brownies from my favorite recipe! 

So speaking of silly things that are done in a sleepy haze, I would love to know - what crazy things have you done when running on empty?  Please share!   

Now onto the clothes - Today's outfit is very simple, with options for day and night.  Here is my day look:

 And my nighttime meeting look:

I even have my pink legal pad ready to go!

Blazer - JCrew, Top - Tucker for Target, 
Jeans - GAP, Shoes - not shown because I'm wearing slippers ;)

I am also planning on cutting my fashion fabric for my swing dress (you know, in my spare time.. lol)  Hopefully I will be able to remember all my alterations!


  1. Love the day to night transformation...and your hair looks super cute!

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  2. Cute!!! Have fun and don't work too hard ;o)

  3. You look great!

    Sleep deprivation tales: how about the time I took my daughter out in her stroller but forgot to put shoes on her, which made the playground plan somewhat complicated.

  4. Great outfit! The dress I'm wearing in tomorrow's post is from Target and is the same color and pattern as your top!! Great minds think alike! ;)

  5. First things first you look super chic- loving the outfit. secondly- your so sweet! thanks for the brownie shout-out/linky. i really appreciate it. i hope you have a great weekend my sweet friend!

  6. I love this day to night look--that Tucker blouse is gorgeous!!
    And let's see...I've put dog food in the trash can instead of in my dog's bowl. I've run my hairbrush under water instead of my toothbrush. And many more... Sad.

  7. i really like how this look transforms with the blazer!

    oh, and i heart pink and blue legal pads. :)

  8. love the blouse. the whole look is so transitional, i take you seriously but i know you have style!

  9. SOMEONE looks TRES profesh...

    Hmmmm...let's seeee.....I started a stovetop fire a few days after getting Scarlett home from the hospital. The boys were in the NIC-U longer than she was. Anyhoozle, mom was staying with us to help, and she, The Hubs and I were watching TV in the family room when all of a sudden I heard a strange crackly noise coming from the kitchen. I ran upstairs to find the rubber nipples burnt to a crisp since I fell asleep and let the water dry out. But wait - there's more! A few nights later, while mom was still there, we were wakened in the night by our smoke alarm because my MOM had done the same thing. The Hubs could not get the stupid smoke alarm to turn off, so he ripped it down, took it into the garage and proceeded to beat it with a hammer until it stopped.

    I don't believe we have had any household fires since then....

    Happy Monday!

  10. What a simply chic and fabulous outfit! Day to night perfection. As for crazy tired stuff I've done: I put on my mascara before either my moisturizer or powder the other day. !! When I told my husband my silliness he didn't understand what the problem was! Ha! Men!

    much love: miss furnellie (with a baby in her belly)

    ps. wow you get a lot of stuff done woman, I'm impressed!

  11. I love how your look goes from day to night! You look great!

  12. I have that exact same top! And yes, the pink legal pad is the perfect finishing touch. Yellow would have been way too harsh, lol.

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  13. I don't know how you balance it all, but you look fabulous doing it ;) Love that blazer! It's so great when you can make an outfit can go from day to night.