Monday, November 29, 2010

Looks 18-21 - A {long} weekend in pictures

Hello everyone!!  Even though it's only been 4 days, I feel like I have been away for weeks!  
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend.  I had an amazing time visiting family, but I am definitely happy to have a quiet day at home today. :)  I am going to finish decorating my tree and house and then Peanut and I are taking a well deserved break!

I am proud to say, I was able to stay with my 30 for 30 challenge throughout the holiday weekend.  Luckily, my years working in retail have scarred me from ever shopping on Black Friday again so there was no temptation. :)  I did, however, get a fabulous haircut courtesy of my super talented sister Stacey!

So, without further ado, here is my {long} weekend in pictures! :)

Added accessories: Hat - F21
Thursday - Thanksgiving at my parents house

Added accessories: Necklace and bracelets - Honora, Slippers - Banana Republic
Friday - Thanksgiving at my in-laws house

Added accessories: Necklace and bracelet - Betsey Johnson, ring and sunnies - Modcloth, Jacket - INC
Saturday - Christmas at my Aunt's house 
(I have a HUGE family on my Dad's side, so we celebrate whenever we can all get together!)

Added accessories: Scarf - Autumn Cashmere, Sunnies - Modcloth, Ring - F21
Sunday - Home at last!  A walk in the park with Hubby and Peanut


  1. oh wow, kelly, love your outfits and especially that animal print jacket. you rock animal prints!!!

  2. Adorable looks! Gotta say that animal print jacket and heels are my fave though!! Sounds like you had a lovely time. Have a wonderful Monday! :)


  3. wow, all really cute outfits! That's a good weekend! ;)

  4. This has convinced me I am in need of a red scarf. Stat.

  5. Ohh, that leopard coat is to die for!!!

  6. i LOVE your thanksgiving looks so cozy and SO cute!! you looked adorable the last 4 days...well done!

  7. Cute outfits, as always :) I think the first is my favorite and definitely something I could see myself wearing.

    Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

  8. That Modcloth jacket rocks lady!

  9. so many great outfits here! i love your thanksgiving outfit- especially the necklace and jacket. ~joelle

  10. I LOVE the animal print amazing!
    Your hair looks great also!

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    is interesting ! :)
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  12. Love that animal print jacket with a splash of red on the shoes!

  13. Cute hair! Wish I had a hairdresser in the family!

    Love all the outfits as well- think the thanksgiving one is my favorite!

  14. That is a great new haircut!! Sexy thing! And I am in total lust of your leopard coat! *sigh* now to go and find one online for me. I have leopard envy now. lol

  15. OMG! LOOK at that leopard coat!! I'm in love!

    And I can't believe I don't have a red scarf. I need one asap!!

    All those outfits are fabulous!!

  16. Love the leopard coat and shoes!

  17. Saturday is HAUTE....for sho!! Wow, you look amazing!! I love Turkey Day too...great tights..and I missed u!!

    Glad you are back:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  18. Great haircut! Jealous you have a relative to do your hair. And the animal print jacket - WOOHOO.. rocking that! :)

  19. I love that leopard coat! What a fantastic piece!

  20. I love the new hair--you're looking sassy! And that leopard trench is drool-worthy. In fact, I love all of these outfits!!

  21. I like the leopard look, those shoes are awesome!

  22. That animal print jacket is fierce lady! :-)

  23. Loved all the outfits, but the leopard jacket? GET OUTTA HERE with that nonsense. Sick and fab.