Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Look 16 - So very tired - but not of the challenge :)

Added accessories: Scarf - DIY

It's been a long day peeps.  I think Peanut has a cold and he has only slept for a total of one hour since he woke up at six.  Poor kid.  He's normally so happy but today he's been a total crank!  Anyone have any tips for me on dealing with a sniffly baby?   I'm so very, very tired.  My biggest accomplishment was getting dressed this morning, and if it wasn't for this blog, I may not have gotten that far!

I get very goofy when I'm tired - can you tell by the second pic?  Lol 

Hope you all have a great night - I'm off to watch my beloved Glee and then off to bed at a respectable 9pm. :)


  1. Awww poor bubba!
    My advice: you're going to need a lot more patience. Keep a bib around his neck permanently during the day to wipe his nose as it will get yuck and it's a lot quicker than constantly grabbing tissues. Fluids. And alot of patience! ;)
    You look fab and goofy. :P


  2. That's the worst, I feel your pain. A humidifier does help, and nose sucking with the bulb sucker (they hate it, but it works) and catch a nap when you can - easier said than done, I know. Good luck and hope he feels better soon!

  3. I hope Peanut feels better soon!
    Love the second pic, you're so cute

  4. I'm going to be sad when your challenge is over- I like looking at what you are coming up with!

  5. The brown boots are a great touch to this black ensemble!

  6. I know what you mean about getting Goofy when you're tired, I live in that state sometimes! LOL! The look is gorgeous, and I do love those boots!!

    :) Hazel
    Hazel Loves Design

  7. Humidifier, bulb sucker, saline nose drops, using a warm damp cloth to wipe his little nose, hot toddy for mama.

    Looking good, exhaustion notwithstanding!

  8. I hope peanut is better soon,nose drops has helped me and my babies a lot!You still look good and if you take a break for a few days to get a rest is fine.You are already ahead!!!

  9. Poor little monkey. I hope he feels better asap so ya'll an enjoy the holiday! Gorgeous boots!

  10. Poor baby.

    Is he stuffy? Open a jar of Vicks by the bed. I never put the stuff on my kids, still don't. But I have found putting it by the bed helped open them up a little. I hope you both get some rest!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!


  11. This outfit is super sheek and I love that scarf! Great DIY!


  12. Great ensemble. And I think this blog is a great inspiration to keep you looking your best while raising a family.

  13. I love the fringe on your scarf! Cute!

  14. I like the all dark look with the light boots. And the scarf adds a nice touch to the look.

    The Auspicious Life