Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Taming the wild

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One of my favorite combinations lately has been leopard and floral prints.  I just love the way the the leopard  print toughens up the sweet floral - or is it that the floral print tames the wild leopard?  Either way, I like it! :)
  So I am stealing my blog post idea from the lovely and talented Kimberellie.  Have you read her blog yet?  You should - she's awesome.  She did a post on a "behind the scenes" look at her day - I thought I would give you mine!
So here is a "behind the scenes" look at my day so far (as of 12pm) -  but first, a shot of my fabulous shoes:
I am:
  • Writing my blog post for the day
  • Keeping an ear open for Peanut to wake from his nap
  • Watching Ellen on my DVR
I have:
  • Cleaned up Peanut's diaper explosion
  • Done two loads of laundry
  • Given Peanut a bath due to point number one
  • Made breakfast - Peanut and I both had oatmeal with pumpkin puree (pics of pumpkin puree coming soon!). 
  • Sent a get well card to a friend
  • Talked to my mom
  • Washed the dishes/ran the dishwasher
  • Made the bed - tidied up the bedroom
I want:
  • A nap - we were up at 4am 
  • A Cosi TBM (tomato, basil & mozzarella) sandwich 
  • To go for a walk with Peanut
  • To figure out how to wear this.  I love it but I just don't get how to put it on! 
I am going to:
  • Spend some time with my mom and sister today
  • Prepare for my Halloween party on Saturday
  • Figure out my costume - at least Peanut has his!
  • Watch the Rocky Horror Glee Show a million more times - it was so good!
  • Wish you all a fabulous Wednesday!

Cardi - JCrew, Dress - Target, Tights - HUE, Shoes - Carlos Santana, 
Scarf - Modcloth, Belt - bought in Italy, Sunnies - Modcloth


  1. Those shoes are hot! And love the leopard with the flowers....hmmm...may have to copy ya ; )

  2. Those shoes are amazing...and I'm also a big fan of the leopard with floral...they're perfect together...
    I checked out the Rachel Roy Ear cuffs...soooo amazing...I think it just slides behind the ear like a hearing aid perhaps? I don't have pierced ears...I really should get me some ear cuffs..they're SO cute!

  3. Those shoes are totally fabulous lady!

  4. hello! i wanted to thank you so much for reading & leaving a comment on my guest post over at jill's blog. it was such a nice thing to say about family & i really appreciated it.

    i LOVE those shoes & oh, my goodness...that scarf is amazing.

    p.s. so sorry you were up at 4, but even if you woke up at 8, you should definitely still be able to take a nap!

    happy halloween!

  5. What a sweet post...loved learning more about your day hunnie!! And I think the leopard and florals are a FAB combo!! You look so chic!

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  6. Thanks for the visit at 2 Boys + 1 Girl = One Crazy Mom
    Following back
    Happy Thursday

  7. you are so organized!!!
    love today's outfit and speechless about your shoes.

  8. First of all, those shoes are freaking fabulous!! Second of all, I love the leopard and floral combo. And last of all I love these "about your day" posts--I need to try one!

  9. Happy thurs. to you too!
    Hot shoes momma!
    I havnt broke out the heels yet, but I have my eyes on some boots!
    Have a good day!
    I forgot to teel you last time, but I adore the your blog pix! The train & heels...cute!