Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rockin' the basics

Cardi - Ann Taylor, Tunic - M by Marc Bower, Leggings - GAP, Boots -Chinese Laundry

Even though Peanut is sleeping through the night (more or less), he is still awake before 6am every day and that's still a bit of an adjustment for me!
So this morning I was too tired to ponder the fashion equation and decided to go with some amped up basics.  Leggings + tunic + flat boots = super comfortable and easy.  Plus, with the jewels on the tunic, I don't even have to worry about adding jewelry!

What are your go to pieces when you need to just get up and go?


  1. definitely something comfy like that! i pair leggings with just about everything!!

  2. When in a hurry I do skirts,tank top,cardi and flats.I like the colour of the tunic.You also have a very nice smile.

  3. I would grab pants and a top or a skirt and a top. But if I know I'm going to be rushing in the morning I usually will organise/plan my outfit the night before and put it in the bathroom ready. :)

  4. Love the colour. Boots with leggings and a tunic is a great combo. Never seems to work on me, though I try! My get up and go combo is: jeans, a hooded sweater, and my cowboy boots.

    Heart: Kimberellie

  5. Boots are for sure my go to item. They make every outfit look better. Summer is a hard time for me ;)

    xx Cristina

  6. I love how your go-to pieces make you look totally together and stylish! I must admit--my go-to piece is jeans. How boring is that?

  7. When I'm in a hurry this time of year, I tend to pull on a cute sweater dress, tights, and comfortable leather boots.


  8. 6 AM? EEEEK! Thankfully, my lil' dude is usually a late riser like his mama. Love those booties!