Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I love you Dr. Ferber

So my son went 10 nights in a row without sleeping.  He went from 9 hours a night to 20 minutes at a time!!  He has been teething so he just wanted to be held ALL THE TIME!  Needless to say, Peanut and I were very cranky!!  My poor husband. :)
At the end of my rope, I uploaded (thank you Amazon!) the book Solve your child's sleep problems by Dr. Ferber, which involves letting the baby cry at scheduled intervals when put down in the crib and you go in and reassure the baby periodically.  Well, I tried it Sunday night, and it was a bit tough, but I stood strong and he slept for about 2 hours at a time.  Last night?  He went right down with no fussing at all!!!!  Unbelievable.  I was so happy - not to mention well rested!  And now tonight  - sleeping like a baby (pun intended!)

These pics were taken Sunday night when I was on my last drop of sanity.  I even had to sit down for one. ;)

Tank - Tucker for Target, Cardi - Ann Taylor, Jeans - Gap, Shoes - Marc Fischer,
 Scarf - Shoe Dazzle, Rings - F21

Look!  My Hubby put up my shelves!  Our new apartment's looking more like home each day. :)


  1. So happy for you and your son! :) Anyways, you still look classy & Fabulous...love the scarf! :D

    I'm your new follower! :)

    Would ♥ to hear from you too!:)

    Chic & Sassy Homemaker

    Best Regards,

  2. LOL! so happy for you it worked for your baby!!!! it worked like a charm for my first one and did not work at all for my second one. my second one is a hard-head!!! she's got us all wrapped around her little finger. mine are now 6 and 5.
    just discovered you from your comment on SU's blog. would you check out mine please?!

  3. Aw, you poor thing! You don't look sleep-deprived though, you look adorable. I hope you both continue to sleep better!