Thursday, October 7, 2010

Black and White and striped all over

Cardi - F21, Shirt - J Crew, Pants - GAP, Jewelry - F21

Now that the weather is consistently cooler, I decided to spend some time today switching my closet over from summer to fall.  I love the closet switch.  It's like gaining a whole new wardrobe every 6 months!Time to break out the cardigans, cords and everything long sleeved and cozy!  This cardi is everything I love about my fall wardrobe - warm, roomy and perfect to wrap around you when you feel that autumn chill.

I also switched Peanut's drawers.  He officially can no longer wear any of his 0-3 month clothes and is a solid 3-6 month size.  Is it crazy that I tear up a bit every time I pack up clothes he grew out of?  I just can't believe how quickly he is growing!  It's so amazing how fast the time passes.  *sigh*

Thanks for letting me have my sentimental moment. :)  Let's turn our attention to my new favorite pic spot - this was  my grandma's piano that she passed down to me - my prized possession!  It was visiting my in laws while we got settled in and now it's back!


  1. Yay for fall clothes! This cardi is all kinds of fun--I love it!
    And I'm glad you made the pasta!! It's one of my favorites.

  2. You are looking so stripey cool. Loving the cardi very much. Fall clothes are the best! Last week it was in the 90s and this week we touched the 60s. I was in heaven!

  3. Super cute cardi!!! You look fab!

  4. Loooooove that fabulous cardi!

  5. Oh, I do love this cardi. FAB U LOUS. And YES, I totally agree with you about the closet transition: so much fun!

    And I also agree with you about the tearing up over little clothes. Just wait until he is 18 months and you find a little newborn diaper tucked away (okay, not tucked away, on a teddy bear...I admit it). But yes, there is a tearing up moment!


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    Have a wonderful weekend!