Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back to mommyland

While my hubby will be around this weekend to take some more pics outside, for today, it's back to Peanut's room.
Blazer - Rachel Roy, Vest - Brooks Brothers, Tee - LOFT, Jeans - GAP, 
Shoes - Shoedazzle, Scarf - Modcloth

But really, isn't that the reality of motherhood?  You spend most of your time in the nursery.  
And to be honest, there is nowhere in the world I would rather be.  Notice how Peanut's bathrobe made it in the pic.  Isn't it cute?  It's a ducky robe! :)  As you can see, I'm looking down on my son here - he had just chucked Sophie the Giraffe across the bed - this kid has quite an arm!!
All bundled up and ready to go.  Where to, you ask?  To Target baby!  Then it's back home for some light housework, laundry and then Tia and my inlaws are coming for dinner! 
What can I say?  I live a glamorous life. :) 
But you know what?  I wouldn't trade it for anything!
This closeup's for you, Style Underdog! :)


  1. Thank you for the up close and personal intro to the shoes. Lovely. As for the whole ensemble, copy and saved to my computer. It will be a must-copy. The scarf=TDF (To Die For, a little 80s mixed with 2010 texting, I should patent that!)

  2. I love the pop of color from your shoes, so chic!

  3. Oh!I love it when people are happy in their marriage and focused on family life.I also like the red pumps! They are first on my wishing list!

  4. Those are Shodazzle?? Wow. They're hot! Are they comfy?

  5. They are! Actually - I have been very impressed at how comfortable all the shoes I get from there are!

  6. J'adore! Love the touch of red from your shoesies and your cuffs. And Rachel Roy? I have a HEEEYOUGE girl crush on her stuff (and her, who am I kidding)?! You look adorbs.


  7. great post! love the shoes!
    i just bumped into your blog! i like it!
    have a lovely weekend!


  8. absolutely love the cheetah (leopars? whichever!) print with red! it's one of my fav combos!

  9. Really love the pops of red!

  10. Love the red shoes! Can you believe I don't have any red shoes?

  11. You look fabulous my dear! I think this is my favorite. I really want to go out and buy that sweater, that jacket and those (freaking awesome) shoes so I can replicate this look!!

  12. I just found your blog...and I'm always excited to find another Fashionable Mama! I love the leopard with the red accents in the outfit...very cute!

    I think you would be perfect for my "Fashionable Mama" feature...please check it out!

  13. Lovely! Adore the shoes and scarf!!!!

  14. I think the scarf with the red shoes are a great combo. :)

  15. Love the shoes....and your scarf as well. So chic! (And of course, I love the ducky robe!...I just bought my nephew one very similar to it :)

    Happy Sunday...sending smiles your way!


  16. cute outfit. really love the scarf. almost bought one like it this weekend...but decided 16 bucks was too steep for faux fur.! LOVE the shoes!!!

    heart: Kimberellie