Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wedding day!

Dress - Rachel Rachel Roy, Belt - INC via Macy's, Shoes - Carlos Santana, Necklace and earrings - Honora

Well, as you can see, we had a super fun time at the wedding on Saturday! The best part - the photo booth!! Me + camera + accessories = super fun time!! I thought that was the coolest idea for a wedding.
Hubby and I had a lot of fun dancing, catching up with friends and of course, schmoozing for the camera. :) It was weird being out just the two of us but I have to admit, it was nice getting all dolled up and going out together to be amongst adults. I will say though, I felt kinda old. Our table consisted of people we had either gone to high school or college with, and here we are a decade later, all married and 3 out of 4 couples either had children or had one on the way!
Speaking of children, where was Peanut? He was having some one on one time with his tia (who is Tia you ask? Tia is my sister. We started calling her tia because when Peanut was born she said she was the favorite aunt. When his other aunts said she couldn't call herself that, she joked that she would just say she was his tia favorita(favorite aunt in Spanish) and so the name Tia stuck!). I think the two of them had as much fun together as we did! I was very proud of myself - I only called home 3 times in 7 hours. That was pretty good for me considering that it's the longest Peanut and I have been apart. But I knew he was in the most capable of hands. :) Next up - wine tasting!!

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