Monday, August 23, 2010

Rain, Rain go away!

Shirt - Calvin Klein Outlet
Jeans - Gap
Belt - Bought in Italy
Shoes - Nordstrom

Sure - I finally have someone to take my picture outside and it's raining out! So instead of a beautiful shot on the waterfront, you are being treated to a pic of the front of my apartment building. Lovely, isn't it? :) Peanut is in quite a mood today. I think he's teething because he is drooling, chewing on his hand and very cranky (which is really unusual for him). I am exhausted!! I'll tell you though, it's all worth it when he smiles. :) That's it for now. I have to get something cold for Peanut to chew on!

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  1. You know, this post has got me thinking that I need a cute, printed umbrella. I love yours!