Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Peanut's picks - Stylin' shoes

It's never too early to start a shoe collection (in my opinion at least.. ;) ) and these shoes are just too cute!!   

Soft Zebra Ballet Slipper Shoes 0-12m

Every girl needs a touch of animal print in her wardrobe. :)

Charlie Classic Black Canvas Shoes Large (12-18m)
Peanut will be getting these for his b day to match his mama's!

Wanna Rock? Gray Slip On Shoes X-Large (18-24m)
For your baby's inner rocker.

Hot Pink Metallic Sweet Jane Shoes
Baby's first ballet shoe - with a kick!


  1. These are just too cute for words! And perfect timing as it seems everyone around me is preggers lately :) These would make very nice gifts!

  2. oh my god, all of these are so cute! Emma already has a large collection of shoes..... some of which she's never worn. I guess I need to learn to not buy somethings she says she doesn't like... the kid knows what she wants...

  3. so cute! LOVE the ballet shoe!