Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's a date!

On Sunday, my husband and I actually got to go on a date!  This will be number 3 in the past 7 1/2 months.  That's a sad statistic folks. :)
We went to my favorite restaurant of all time, Lighthorse Tavern.  Their menu is seasonal so it changes every 3 months, but I have yet to try something I don't like!

I was so excited to get dressed up.  As I'm sure you have noticed, I never pass up an opportunity to wear a skirt!

I just finished making the skirt this morning and was so excited to wear it out!  I was so proud when my mother in law, who was a seamstress, asked me where I bought my skirt and was shocked when I told her I made it myself!  Best compliment ever. :)

Sweater - Ann Taylor, Tank - Calvin Klein, Skirt - self made, 
Tights - HUE, Shoes - Shoe Dazzle, 
Jewelry - Judith Ripka and Pandora

Of course, in true mommy fashion, Peanut spit up all over it as soon as I got home - good thing I only work with machine washable fabrics!! lol


  1. Congrats on your date night.. Must have been wonderful. LOVE that skirt, so cute..
    Hey not everyone can wear it with a side of peanut spit..lol
    I'm stopping from FMBT and am your newest follower
    Have a great week and I hope you get another date night soon :)

  2. Very cute date outfit. I especially love the skirt with the red heels.

  3. Love that skirt! I was an apparel major and can't even think about sewing anything - ha! Here is a sadder date night statistic, our last "date night" was 11/09 - very sad indeed!

  4. Very cute skirt! I'm so impressed. I can barely sew a button!!

  5. Isn't it the best feeling ever when someone compliments something you've made?
    I love it! (the outfit)
    So glad you got another date night!

  6. Really love the skirt!!


  7. very impressive skirt!! Love how you paired it with those great red shoes. Hope you had a great date night!

  8. Great outfit! The red shoes add that perfect zazz. The skirt, obviously, is completely adorable.
    Also, well done on date night, which I know is a feat easier said than done. Honestly, based on the moms I know, your date night stats are pretty good.

  9. Holy awesomeness I can't believe you made that skirt! And you're looking hot for your date, which it sounds like you were way overdue for! Hope it was a great night!

  10. Okay...I'm impressed by your mad creative skills! So cute!

  11. I love your skirt and the fact you made it yourself!!!Isn't it so satisfying to wear clothes you made yourself?

  12. You look amazing! Love everything from the nails to the shoes!!


  13. cutie skirt and i love the pop of red with the shoes!

  14. Awesome job on that skirt. I wish I could sew. Love it with the red shoes. That just makes it.
    The spit up is classic! :)

  15. OMG!!! Great job on the skirt :) Super cute and the perfect outfit for a date night. At least you were able to shine for photos pre-spit up ;)

  16. Awesome skirt! It looks gorgeous with the red heels. It must be a prerequisite that our kids spew on us when we are wearing our best clothes. ;)
    xo MODELmumma

  17. that skirt looks gorgeous! and I'm so jealous because I want one! I love the fabric you chose! gorgeous!

    The whole outfit is fantastic, I love the red heals!

  18. you look fabulous, Kelly!!! the skirt is VERy pretty. I am soooo jealous of you sawing skills. can't wait to see more projects!!
    i look back to times when my kids were babies and spitting up all over.... seems like they were born yesterday... i know everybody says it, but how fast it went!! just yesterday, i was alone with my 7 year old peanut and we decided to look through his baby book, he wanted to see and touch his hair from his first haircut. he had the softest baby hair. i guess he wanted to make sure i was telling the truth?? lol

  19. sorry, I meant "your sewing skills" of course!

  20. I love that skirt
    I really like the red shoes too. Are those the shoes in the Ask Kelly picture on the right?