Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The best laid plans

So yesterday I hosted a potluck dinner party for 6 mommies and their kids.  I had the whole thing planned to be held in my building's club house, which has a huge space for kids to play, a kitchen and a dinner table.  I figured it would be easier to have it here instead of my apartment.  

You know there's a huge twist coming, right?

But first, a look at my outfit - I bought these tights months ago and finally found where I put them!  I love how the outfit is pretty basic but the tights add a touch of sass.

Ok, here comes the twist -  

Yesterday MORNING - that's right, I got half a day's notice - we received a letter informing us that our building would be closing the clubhouse effective immediately for 3 months of renovations.  Uh...what?!  I was told "no problem" when I asked to use it!  

So I had a few hours to do some extreme toddler proofing in my main room (the kids ranged from 6-18 months), dig out my huge folding table from the storage closet and get my apartment dinner party ready!!  Oh, and finish cooking all the food I had to make!

Cardi - gifted, Tank - Banana Republic, Skirt - Express, 
Tights - Charlotte Russe, Shoes - Calvin Klein

The kids had a blast and all the moms had a great time so everything worked out and the party ended up being a success but it was a LONG day.  Not to mention an even longer night of cleaning up flung macaroni and cookie crumbs ground into the carpet!  Ah, another glamorous day in mommyhood. :)  

And no, I didn't wear the shoes the whole time - I switched to my slippers after everyone arrived.  I'm not completely nuts! ;)


  1. You look great!
    I love your fun tights!

    You're like super mom being able to get all that done, while still looking amazing!

  2. Gah! I hate those cruel twists. You look amazing though... did you clean the carpet in those tights too? ;) hehe (I would have as I'm usually too lazy to change.)
    xo MODELmumma

  3. You look amazing! Love those tights.... so fun! And I can't believe you got all that ready in such short amount of time!


  4. Really cute tights!
    Glad you saved the day. I would have had a heart attack!

  5. Wow, that is stressful the last minute but sounds like you handled everything like a champ. I lOOOOVE those tights.
    I am a huge fan of potluck parties. Pretty much every party I give including holiday dinners are potluck style. With two kids I jsut can't take on a full meal and everyone is happy to bring one dish. And let me tell you as your group grows and they have 2nds these parties become more and more chaotic but always fun! :)

  6. oh my gosh those tights are SO fun!
    i'm glad you had a blast and could hurry and baby proof! you're a nice friend...I would've just said "watch your child at it's own risk!" ;)

  7. Oh man, you handled that so much better than I would! You look fabulous!

  8. Oh no! You are one brave soul for not just calling the whole thing off! But, you look like such a fabulous hostess--those tights rock!

  9. Love the tights....great outfit...you could so wear this out at night too...way to adapt to the situation...Im sure it went off without a hitch:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Editor, The Fashion 411 Magazine♥

  10. Wow! I'm impressed. You are a super mom.
    I still can't believe you had the courage to wear a skirt on a play date, Knowing my luck i would of got a run in those stockings about 5 minutes into the get together. You look great. And it sounds like so much fun. You're making it hard for us other moms ; )

  11. Love the tights!! Just a dash of saucy:)

  12. Love those tights!! I bet you were the hottest mama there!


  13. But you looked great and sassy while cleaning up that macaroni!!

  14. meow! i love sassy tights, i need to get me some!

  15. You go with your animal print tights!

  16. OMG I LOVE the tights. I also love that you paired it with a non-traditional colored skirt. Adorable!!

  17. Cute story and you look great! The hubby and I host a lot of parties and I always have to giggle to myself as I'm walking around my own house in high heels and fancy outfits. My house likes me better in socks and sweats!

  18. So nice to have so many moms and children around and the clubhouse ...such a nice idea!I liked your outfit and next time you consider wearing it ...I want to see it belted. What do you think?

  19. You look FANTASTIC, girl!!!! LOVE this look (and love how tights, big earrings, or a belt can totally change up a whole look).