Friday, December 17, 2010

My Gal Friday - Curvy Everyday

Happy Friday everyone!  Today's Gal Friday is Curvy Everyday.  This gal is about to bare it all! Not only did she go without makeup, she also gave us a full body shot!  The best part?  After taking the picture she got a whole new appreciation for her body. :)  

What non physical traits make you unique?
My personality, it has flaws but I love the person I am. I’m bullishly stubborn. I’ve been known to cut my nose to spite my face. But that stubbornness gives me an unwavering conviction when needed. I’m painfully shy but very outgoing. I can be insecure and confident all at the same time. I love like there is no tomorrow, and I try to live thankful for every little thing. I guess I’m a contradiction of sorts but you’d have to get to know me ; )

Was there a physical trait that you used to hate that you now realize makes you shine?
My figure, everything about it. My boobs were too big, thighs to thick, bum to large and my belly was never flat enough. Even though my belly is the one area I still try to play down, it secretly makes me smile because it reminds me of my 2 beautiful children. I love my figure now. I feel curvy.

What characteristics do you look for in others?

What makes you happy?
The small things. I could make a huge list. But I’m guessing we all like a lot of the same things.

What do you love most about yourself?
Me, well my tattletale face. I’m one of those people that can’t hide my feelings; anyone can read my face and know exactly what I’m thinking by just looking at me. Even though I may give away too much at times I feel it lets me in, in return. So it’s worth the trade.

Thanks Curvy!!!  I love how you approach life with such positivity!

Click HERE to see more pics and read more - including Curvy's measurements!  


  1. Great answers! Thanks Curvy Everyday (love that title!) and Kelly!

  2. Good for her! My stretch marks don't bother me that much anymore, because I got a fabulous little dude outta the deal!

  3. You look beautiful Curvy Every day : ) I love your outlook and your incredible smile. Heartwarming!

  4. Beautiful as ever! Love this idea! oops...somehow I am following twice in the google follower thing. Will fix it when I learn how...ugh!

  5. You made me feel special all day.thanks Kelly

  6. Beautiful girl, inside and out :) Thanks for such honest answers.

    PS: I totally hear you on the tattletale face. Never was good at hiding my emotions.

  7. Another great My Gal Friday post! I enjoyed hearing your thoughts Curvy Everyday. And I know what you mean--my face always gives me away too. I love it and hate it at the same time.

  8. LOVE this feature....she looks like an amazing woman:)

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  9. Hi there my lovely !!!!
    when you send your image to me please use this address:

    (my retroreva address is going all wonky as we are changing over to zoomtown.........)
    I am looking forward to your photo!

  10. Hi lovely, we are together now in the love for pearls, so I am following.
    Un abrazo from Spain.