Monday, December 6, 2010

Makeup free Monday - Look 25

Added accessories: Belt - Calvin Klein

Happy Monday everyone!  Did you all have a great weekend?  I did!  Tis' the season for celebrations, and this weekend, I had three!  On Saturday, I went to my in-laws house to celebrate Hanukkah and my early birthday (I got a sewing machine and some FABULOUS Coach bangles which I will be showing off soon!) and then Sunday my sisters and I (along with Peanut!) went to my parent's house to bake Christmas cookies.  Actually, My mom and sisters baked, I chopped the chocolate and nuts and made mimosa's. :)  The only thing I can bake is cupcakes - but I am an excellent taster!
What do you do to get into the holiday spirit?


  1. sewing machine!! best present ever! you'll HAVE to show off some new things you whip up. happy early birthday!:)

  2. You look great make-up free! Happy early birthday!

    Get into the spirit=serve others for me!

  3. I got a sewing machine from my mother a few Christmas'(Christmases? Christmi?) ago. Now I need her to gift me some sewing lessons. I have a growing pile of items to alter! I just found your blog - I really liked your leopard on leopard outfit from a few posts ago!


  4. New sewing machine, you lucky girl. I'm a great little chopper too.
    I'm actually going to be baking for the school bake sale wish me luck.
    Love the yellow bathrobe.

  5. I love that top! I'm going to attempt to bake some sugar cookies and let the toddler decorate them - eek!

  6. I can't wait to see what you make with your sewing machine!! I love this sophisticated black and white look. I love baking to get into the holiday spirit. And listening to Christmas music!!

  7. Who needs make up with a face like that?!

    Oh, you have a December bday? My son's bday is this week. Staying busy preparing for that and Christmas!
    A sewing machine sounds wonderful! Can you sew? Taking sewing classes is on my long to-do list for next year.
    Thanks for looking in my DIY page. I've been busy and had not had time to clean it up. That's also on my to-do list ;) I want to update my DIY page and make more "user friendly".

  8. Sewing machine, yay! Coach bangles are exciting too, but a sewing machine is better.

  9. Happy early birthday, girly! And you look beautiful makeup-free :)

    I'm slowly getting into the holiday season by playing all classic Christmas songs on my ipod and have started stringing lights in my apartment and hanging decorations. Only thing missing is a tree, which I plan on getting at some point in the very near future!

  10. I must say you are a phenomenal Chopper of both nuts and peanut butter cups