Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday and a guest post!

I am super honored to be the guest writer for Jill's blog Good Tots today!  Click HERE or the above icon to read my article "Mom says."  You will even learn Peanut's real name! :)  

And now onto Top 2 Tuesday!

Top 2 Favorite gifts you have received
Well, OBVIOUSLY, it is my hubby and Peanut, but since everyone else is going the materialistic route....

1. My Laptop

For without this I would have no way of communicating with all of you!

2. My engagement ring
Not only because it's the most beautiful piece of jewelry I own, but also for it's sentimental value.


  1. The hubs got me a laptop for our anniversary. It doesn't sound romantic, but he wanted me to have something better to work on. It was sweet...so I'm with ya!

  2. Great gifts hunnie...congrats on the guest blogging!!

    Good for you!!

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  3. My engagement/ wedding rings are one of my favorite gifts as well. Great choices!

    I do not know what I would do without my computer either!

  4. Love that pink computer!! Its the exact one that I have!

  5. I loved your guest post! I swear I need to save all the good advice I read from my mom blogger buddies and store it somewhere I can access when I have little ones myself. Everything you said makes perfect sense :)

  6. Great post on the other blog. Congrats.
    Those are great gifts, now that I read them I can't think of different ones for me. My husband also got me a pink (mine is sony vio)laptop.

  7. I loved your guest post over at Good Tots, especially the part about dressing and taking the time to get ready in the morning even though you're staying at home. Its so true.