Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thursday -Saturday and what I wore

So hubby works A LOT and is not home much during the week.  Imagine my surprise when he told me that we were going to AC on Thursday!  Yea family mini trip!  We had a great time.  On Thursday, we stopped by to see our friends who are super close to Atlantic City.  They just had a baby girl so of course I went bananas at Babies R Us to get cute little pink outfits to bring her!  Then we continued on and went for a wonderful dinner.  Peanut was there but he was all snuggly and sleeping in his stroller so hubby and I got to have a semi-date!
Thursday daytime - added accessories - Rachel Roy Scarf
Thursday night Added accessories - Rings - F21

Friday we met up with some friends that were also down for the day and we walked the boardwalk and went for lunch.  Then it was back to reality!  It was a short, but sweet little getaway.
Added accessories - Sunnies - modcloth

Today?  Hanging with my boys, food shopping and perhaps some tasty food and a DVD while cuddling on the couch with my main squeeze. :P
Added accessories - Sunnies - Ray Ban, Scarf - Rachel Rachel Roy


  1. Thursday night you look smokin!!! So glad you even got to have a "semi-date"...sounds like you had a good time! Goodness I wish I didn't live in a crap hole..haha

  2. I'm loving the animal prints! May I say: Hot mamma!!! : )

  3. Totally loving Thursday night:)

    You look fab hunnie!!!

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  4. Looks like you had a fabulous time and VERY LUCKY to get away and have a little date. :)

  5. Great outfits to match a great weekend. Love the grn scarf in the last one.

  6. Love the second photo especially. I agree with everyone else: smokin hot mamma :)

  7. Sounds like a fun weekend!! That's an awesome surprise! And I LOVE your Thursday day and night looks--you look like one hot mamma!!

  8. Your Thursday night look is out of this world! Wowza! Love them all, but that one is totally outstanding!!!