Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 9 and 9 things you didn't know!

Thanks to Vanja from Emma's Lunch for this award!  I feel so special :)

Upon acceptance of this award, I am to list 7 things about me - but since it is Day 9 - I will stick with the theme and list 9 things!  That's 2 bonus facts just for you - I know, I'm so generous. :)

1. I did a bit of a copycat look here - I have had this Lea Stein Brooch forever and saw the Glamourai wearing one on her jacket (also with harem pants - yea! new way to wear them!) so I decided to try the pinned blazer look.
2. I change my hairstyle and color at least once every six months.  I get bored easily :)
3. I have seen every episode of Smallville at LEAST twice and own every season on DVD.
4. I knew I was having a boy the day I found out I was pregnant
5. I have a tattoo of an iris on my right foot.  I picked the design when I was 16.  My parents told me I had to wait until I was 18, thinking I would forget about it.  I didn't. :)
Added accessories: Brooch - Lea Stein, Bracelets - Honora

6. I have lived in 7 different homes in the past 5 years.  I am done moving for a while!
7.  I LOVE spicy food.  A lot.
8. I really want to learn how to sail.  My Uncle says I inherited the boat gene.
9. These pants are so comfortable that I am tempted to take a nap in them.  I think I will. :)


  1. I love that sparkly top! And I love finding out more about people through these awards!!

  2. i heart the combination of comfy pants and a shiny top! nicely done!

  3. You are so cute! And I love that someone other than me likes to wear sequins in the daytime for no other reason!

    And I've seen every ep of Smallville, too! I'm still OMG! over Tess being a Luther, though my boss tells me I should have known! LOL

    (Yes. I'm a geek!)

  4. Ooh, I love the sparkly top. And I've always been a frequent hairstyle changer too. Although my mom was a hairdresser and cut my hair for free, but now she is retired and lives far away. So now that I have to pay for it, I find myself shelling out the cash less often!! Anyway, I enjoyed reading your fun facts :)

  5. Cute hunnie...congrats on the award...and stay put where you are deserve it:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    I’m an MTV Style Blogger!!♥

  6. Awesome answers!
    I was thinking today I'd like to move somewhere... maybe overseas.. but I think that is because we're tied down here with hubby's work. Not sure I'd want to move as often as you have though. And hubby would love to sail around... of course taking the family with him - I am not getting left behind with the kids. Would be a fun thing to do though.

  7. love the outfit. Great pin and the shoes are so much fun. Love learning those facts.

  8. Super fun to know some stuff about you (though I've never even heard of Smallville--I don't watch TV enough, I guess!).

    I'm so glad that sequins and sparkle are the "it" thing right now. YAY!

    IDK about harem pants--you rocked 'em but whenever I see them I get "Can't Touch This" stuck in my head! LOL!

  9. CUTE look! Cute pin! Cute shoes! Cute YOU!

    heart: Kimberellie

    ps. how did you know you were having a boy?

  10. LOVE the sparkle top (and the fact that there are sequins EVERYWHERE nowadays!) and the shoes are very cute. You look great!

  11. I love it!!! Sparkly is my favorite color! By the way Kelly you have inspired me to follow your lead and go "face Naked".

  12. Hi, fellow remixer here. I'm liking this top...for no special occasion? And clothes you can sleep in--I entirely understand.

  13. Dear Kelly,

    Thank you for joining my giveaway! You won! :-)

    Please check your email for the ticket vouchers! :-)

    Stay Pretty & Fabulous!

    Best Regards,
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