Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday!

Welcome to another Top 2 Tuesday everyone!  Make sure to check out The Undomestic Momma to see what everyone else is saying!

So the topic of the week is...

What are the 2 favorite places in your home?
This one made me think.  Mostly because a) I live in the city so I live in a 2 bedroom apartment (not a lot of options!) and b) we haven't finished decorating yet so it doesn't feel "finished".  That said, I have 2 parts of my house that make me very happy:

1. My son's room

We still need to paint and finish Peanut's room but I love the transportation theme and I made sure the room was cozy and calming.  My BFF is going to be painting a mural on the wall soon - I can't wait to show that off!

2. My music corner

As I've mentioned before, my Grandma gave me her piano and it truly is my prized possession.  I love the fact that my dad and his 5 (yes-5!) brothers grew up playing on this piano.  I can't wait to teach my son!  He already loves to bang on the keys. :)


  1. Gorgeous of course! I love it :)))))



  2. Transportation is such a fun theme! We're going with that when we transition the dude from his nursery to a big boy room!

  3. I love your favorites! I'm going to be getting my husband's family's piano soon so I hope to have my own little music corner :)

  4. Great answers. Yes, my kids rooms were my favorite too. I'm excited about the mural. Keep us posted.
    p.s. your home is never done, even when it is.

  5. how cute the little bed of your son.
    I love children :)

    xo lala


  6. Your sons bed sheets are great. I also love my piano and picked it as one of my two.