Monday, October 25, 2010

Makeover Monday!

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You may have noticed I have been sporting a bold lip in some of my posts lately.  When I am heading out with a pair of sunnies on, I find that a bright color on my lips is a quick way to look "done".  Plus, bold lips are a lot of fun and can add a bit of glam to an otherwise basic outfit!

In order to get this look right, you can't just swipe and go.  Bright lipsticks can bleed, show off chapped lips and rub off on everything!  Here are my tricks for keeping a bold color beautiful.

1.       Exfoliate:  Using an exfoliator (I like Origins Never a Dull Moment) or even a dry toothbrush, gently buff the skin of your lips to remove any dry skin.
2.       Moisturize: Using any lip balm (I like Blistex!), coat lips and then blot away any excess.
3.       Lipliner: The key here is to make sure your liner is either the same shade as your lipstick, or your lips (a pinky nude shade).  This way, when your lipstick begins to fade, you will still have color underneath,  It also gives your lipstick something to stick to.  With short, light strokes, outline your lips, then fill in (remember to color in the lines!  This is not a time to try to extend the lip line to make lips look larger).
4.       Lipstick: Using a brush, or carefully out of the tube, apply your lip color until both lips are covered in a thin layer of color.
5.       Blot
6.       Lipstick: Apply a second layer of lipstick as you did the first.
7.       Blot:.You're done!
  • If you make a mistake, a Q-tip can be your best friend.  Use it to smudge the lipstick out with one side and then dab on a bit of concealer and powder with the other.
  • Steps one and two can be done anytime, not only when wearing bright lipstick.  This can be especially helpful in the winter – it’s right around the corner!
  • To make the color less extreme, try dabbing it on lightly with your fingertip so it shows up more like a stain.
  • Some classic colors to try?  I like MAC lipsticks for their bold shades – Try MAC Red or Girl about Town (hot pink)
What are your favorite bold shades?  Will you be trying this look?


  1. I rarely do dark lips, but I always love them on other people. I think it's because I skip (or half-ass) the exfoliation step so it never looks polished. I'm going to try your tips!

  2. You always have such great make up tips!

    I adore red and bright pink lips~! And you always look so chic in them with your sunnies!

    heart: Kimberellie