Monday, October 4, 2010

Makeover Monday!

Fall is finally in the air!  Fashion wise, this is my favorite time of year, but this also means the end of the summer glow.  While I am quite pale to begin with, I do get a little bit of color in the summer and like to keep it up as the weather cools down.  This is when I turn to bronzer to brighten my complexion.

For light complexions (like me), I like a bronzer with a bit of pink in it like Laura Geller Bronze and Brighten and Smashbox Soft Lights.  This keeps the skin looking radiant without looking "dirty".

For Medium and Olive complexions, I like Smashbox Halo bronzer and MAC bronzer.  They have a great color and don't get cakey when applied.

For drier skin, I love a mouse formula.  It's hydrating without being streaky and keeps the skin looking dewy.

When applying, make sure to only place the bronzer in places where the sun hits, such as the forehead, top of nose and cheekbones.  You can also brush a bit under the jawline for a nice slimming effect!

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  1. My pale arse could totally use some bronzer right now!