Thursday, September 16, 2010

Take it off!!

Shirt - INC, Pants - GAP, Necklace - self designed, Hair - My fabulous sister Stacey!

Oh happy day!! I am in LOVE with my new haircut! Not only is it super easy to do, but it is super chic as well! It's amazing the difference a haircut can make. I found myself dressing for my cut and wearing a bit more makeup (I am loving smoky eyes right now). Where am I going today all dressed up you asked? Well, I have a super glam day of laundry, going to Target and groceries at the farmers market planned. :) I am all about looking good no matter what the occasion!


  1. This outfit is VERY chic. And I am totally with you on looking good no matter what the occasion! Somedays I dress up, if it wasn't for my blog, no one would see me!!

    heart: miss furnellie