Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The best coverup

Dress - INC, shirt - J Crew, Belt - LOFT, Sunglasses - Coach

Yes, I am wearing my sunglasses inside, but I have a defense. 1. I was getting ready to go out and 2. Did not have time to put on makeup which means my beautiful dark circles would have been exposed for all to see.
I really wish sunglasses were acceptable inside. Think of the time moms could save in the morning! Put on your sunnies and a swipe of lip gloss and BAM! you are ready for the day! Speaking of shortcuts, I am thinking of cutting my hair short. I am tired (pun intended!) of waking up before Peanut so I can wash and straighten my hair and right now it's too long for my natural wave to look cute - it just looks unruly!

Anyway, this week is back to school and since this is the first year I won't be participating in this ritual (before I had Peanut I was a middle school band director), I decided to pay homage with my own back to school outfit. What says prep school better than gingham? (Plaid, tweed, khaki, I know, just go with me on this one!)

PS - no, the second photo was not altered in Photoshop - I just stood too close to the light. Good thing I had my sunnies on!


  1. I love love the plaid under your dress. Such a great idea! Very cute outfit!

  2. That plaid shirt under the LBD is perfection! I'm so trying this idea!