Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A jumble of necklaces would be fabulous...

Vest - INC via Macy's
Tank - Limited
Shorts - Limited

...and would totally "finish" this outfit! However, Peanut is going through a growth spurt and wants to eat CONSTANTLY!! This makes him super fussy, which means that anything I put on will get grabbed and pulled on, so no jewels for me today! Ah, the sacrifices us mommies must make for our cuties. :)
Well, it's the last day of August and it's still as hot as can be! I kept it simple with cute shorts and a vest - why wear more clothing if I don't have to, right?
Time to feed Peanut again - on days like these I feel like a glorified cow!!



  1. Yep, I remember the "glorified cow" days. My little one had acid reflux, so basically I lived in shorts and t-shirts for the first few months. Then I had to throw them all away, acid reflux is disgusting that way - LOL!

  2. Well, you look cute regardless! I've heard that before, about the jewelry. One of those things I'll have to keep in mind when I become a mommy!

  3. you look beautiful!!! you are very funny!